Over 20 Years of Building Success

Founded in 1992, Austin/Jones Corp. began humbly with two dedicated partners. Steve Jones and Randy Austin combined their unique skill sets and experience into one vision. Their vision was simply to be an extremely reliable contractor that produced high quality projects. Adhering to this vision of quality and reliability Austin/Jones Corp. grew steadily.

Austin/Jones Corp. has developed a team of people equally dedicated to the vision of quality and reliability. What started as a team of two individuals in 1992 has grown to a team of over 80 people today. A cohesive team that successfully operates in 12 different states. The dedication of this team to the core vision continues to drive client satisfaction. Serving our clients with this dedication has led to 90% of our projects coming from repeat clients.

Moving Forward

Dedication to our core values and team work approach has continued to present us with opportunities for growth. Austin/Jones Corp. is committed to providing exceptional service to existing clients while exploring partnerships with new clients.


Born in rural Indiana Randy was raised in a family of cement masons, where he was taught the discipline of hard work and dedication at an early age.  He graduated from Purdue University with a BS degree in construction engineering and upon graduating he gained experience working for large general contractors as a project manager. In 1992 Randy utilized his expertise in project management & project supervision to start Austin/Jones Corp.. Randy has been one of the driving forces behind quality control and developing AJC's repeatable methodology.
STEVE JONES, CEO / Treasurer
Steve graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS degree in Construction Management before returning to his native Southern California. Upon graduation he began gaining experience working for large general contractors as an estimator and engineer. Before long his knack for estimating elevated him to Chief Estimator. In 1992 he ventured out to start Austin/Jones Corp.  The same dedication and hard work that elevated his career early on contributed to the success of Austin/Jones Corp.
Lisa Pierotti, Controller
Lisa has served as the controller for Austin/Jones Corp. for 21 years. Through her years with Austin/Jones Corp. she has developed an aptitude for flexibility, in catering to individual client needs and requests. She is a very well-rounded person and her honesty and integrity make her an invaluable member of this team.
Randy Hale, Vice President of Operations
With over 25 years of Project Management experience in building and development of commercial, retail, and institutional projects, Randy has successfully managed and supervised well over 200 projects.  His dedication to serving clients has earned him a reputation for being a genuinely reliable project manager. His ability to communicate effectively, follow through on promises, and lead a team are part of what has made him so successful through the years.
Robert Lambaren, Lead Estimator
Robert has estimated projects from the schematic and diagrammatic phase to plan check and 100% drawings. With more than 20 years of construction supervision, management, and estimating experience, Robert ensures that he and staff produce accurate bids for our clients. Robert is experienced with subcontractor bid solicitation, invitation, and distribution of bid documents. His analysis of project bid documents, review of subcontractor trade bids, and creation of general conditions budgets all come together for complete and accurate bids.
Manny Addai, Project Manager
Manny has multidiscipline project experience in public works construction, commercial construction, mechanical systems, and underground utilities. He has consistently maintained a reputation for excellence in Construction Management over the last 20 years while building solid relationships with customers, subcontractors, and engineers. A key to his success and his primary goal on every project is continued safety awareness while utilizing his experience to deliver a safe, cost-efficient project to the customer in a timely manner.
Jim Brooks, Project Manager
Jim has in excess of 37 years' success in Architecture, Construction Management, and Construction Business Development. Jim started his career as a licensed architect and advanced through the years to Executive Vice President of a large hospital builder, and Executive Vice President of the Clarion Cold Storage Division. Being professional, resourceful, and responsive to today's business environment, Jim has demonstrated the ability to use his architectural and managerial experiences, and his desire for excellence, to develop a strong leadership quality.
John Casey, Project Manager
John has years of success in General Contracting and Construction Management, Business Development, and Project Supervision based upon being professional, resourceful, diplomatic, and responsive to today's changing business environment. He is a creative and strategic thinker with "hands-on", detailed-oriented implementation skills. His extensive experience and spirit have allowed him to develop leadership skills to work both independently and as a team player.
Kristian Jackson, Project Manager
Kristian is a project manager with 15 years of experience in the commercial, retail, and medical construction fields. He is a professional, team player that believes in managing projects with honesty, integrity, and positivity, to bring the team together and deliver a quality project to the client.