Our team has been successful not only due the dedication to our vision but in large part to the commitment to our  process. We call this our methodology. In order to insure that we achieved the highest level of client satisfaction through our quality workmanship, reliability and teamwork we created processes that allow us to repeat our success time and time again.

From pre-construction to project close out; we have developed a process for each task that assigns responsibility to a team member and a check list as a guideline. This allows our estimating team members to produce a comprehensive and competitive proposal for every project, large or small. Our team members of superintendents and project managers to deliver projects on schedule and as designed. Our administrative and support team members to process project related paperwork in an organized and timely manner. 

Our goal is to utilize this methodology in order to increase efficiency, quality & communication. This benefits our clients by limiting impact on their operations, minimizing project risk and potentially increasing earnings.


Your project is only as good as the team that works on it. That’s why we pride ourselves on having one of the most cohesive teams in the construction business. From top to bottom, we take a unified approach to your project, delivering efficiency that saves time and reduces extra costs. We partner with your organization, adapting our approach to sync with your mission and culture. Our bottom line – your success is our success.


Austin/Jones stands for quality construction. We are committed to craftsmanship, professionalism, and exceptional service on each and every job. Our systematized best practices enable us to bring clarity and transparency to all stages of your project, removing flaws before they can impact your success. We strive to provide real value for your money.


Nothing is more important in the building industry than reliability. Austin/Jones has developed reliable, repeatable construction methodologies. Our consistent approach ensures jobs are done right, on schedule and on budget. Your bottom line benefits through cost-effective construction, as well as by hitting target completion, thus limiting impact on your operations, mitigating project risk and potentially increasing earnings. 


A commitment to operational excellence is a commitment to safety in all capacities. We make no compromises when it comes to training and reinforcement of both on- and off-site safety practices. At Austin/Jones, we firmly believe that delivering timely, high-quality results is directly related to the health and well-being of our team and everyone involved.